Volume of Sales in Canmore

This table reflects the Volume of sales for November 2013.

The table shows year-to-date unit sales activity by month.

Looks like we may hit a grand total of 500 units this year (Canmore only) which is a 35% jump over last year and last year was a 31% jump over 2011 so great action if you’re trying to make a living selling real estate in Canmore.

 Also noteworthy – current inventory (Canmore only) is 182 units. The lowest in a long time. At the peak of the market a few years ago when the market was white-hot, resale inventory ran around the 140 mark.

Another noteworthy event for this year is a lot of the excess inventory along Bow Valley Trail – Kananaskis Way in particular, has been absorbed and that market seems to have found bottom.

Canmore Volume of Sales